September 19, 2007


gorilla vs bear's got some great polaroids up from last weekend's acl festival...didn't make it down this year, but apparently my morning jacket stole the show (which they always seem to do)...i remember seeing them down there in 2004 & their set, which included a rare performance of "cobra", remains my favorite memory of that weekend...other highlights included a brief encounter with jeff tweedy outside our hotel, a great set from bobby bare jr. with only a handful of people in attendance, & my buddy scotty almost getting a tattoo of a skeleton on a skateboard after a few too many morning jacket blew my mind the first time i saw them a year prior to that in chicago, so much so that scotty & i drove up to milwaukee the very next night to see them again...they're one of the best bands around & have been for a while, so when are they going to stop surprising everyone?...the $50 presale for the 2008 acl festival is happening soon...sign up for notification.

download: my morning jacket - cobra

related: i watched the lookout the other night on dvd & it was one of the better movies i've seen in a while...that kid from 3rd rock from the sun was fantastic & the story was smart without being overwrought...kind of a memento light, without all the editing tricks...anyways, the movie opened up to jacket's "wordless chorus" & also featured "lay low"...good stuff.

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