October 29, 2007


not sure how i slept on yeasayer for so long, especially with spots like said the gramaphone & gorilla vs. bear singing their praises since the beginning of the summer, but i did...kind of makes me feel like an idiot now, because i'm completely eating up the "middle eastern-psych-pop-snap-gospel" of their recent debut, all hour cymbals...i'll spare you all the ridiculous comparisons i've heard them getting (fleetwood mac meets animal collective meets peter gabriel, etc.) because i really think their sound is pretty unique...& pretty awesome...check 'em out.

download: yeasayer - wait for the summer
download: yeasayer - 2080

related: if you like these guys, make sure you check out their kexp radio session from cmj over at new york noise & then listen to their daytrotter session, which features a performance of this great upbeat number that was left off the album (& taken from their myspace page).

download: yeasayer - final path

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phox said...

i just discovered them today!
i love yeasayer!