December 5, 2007

the wire prequels

when bunk met mcnulty (2000)

young omar (1985)

young prop joe (1962)
these are great...& according to the hollywood reporter (via big screen little screen), there will be new ones airing after each episode of the wire when the final season kicks off 01/06 (on demand 12/31)...also, if you haven't seen the other promos for the new season, big screen little screen's got those as well...anyways, here are a few versions of the show's opening theme, i haven't been able to get my hands on takes by the neville brothers or domaje (from seasons 3 & 4, respectvely), but you'll be able to hear them when the wire: and all the pieces matter is released on 01/08...& if you're still not caught up, the season 4 dvd came out yesterday, so get on it.
download: the blind boys of alabama - way down in the hole (season 1)
download: tom waits - way down in the hole (season 2)
download: steve earle - way down in the hole (season 5)
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