April 10, 2008

quiet village - silent movie

i'm really not that hip to most electronic music, but this debut album from british duo quiet village is like a cool breeze...super mellow & just what i needed to make me forget about all the work that's been piling up on my desk this morning...i feel like i should be doing breathing exercises or something, it's so relaxing...also, each track would probably make a fantastic individual film score, hence the title; silent movie...for a much better overview, look here (via gvb)...& then look for the album on may 18th.

download: quiet village - pillow talk
download: quiet village - gold rush
download: quiet village - keep on rolling

unrelated: do yourself a favor & stop by big screen little screen to check out a few wonderfully edited kanye videos that combine tracks off graduation with shots from the films 2046, tron, 2001, & oldboy...very cool.
unrelated: speaking of movies, i recently saw david gordon green's latest, snow angels, & thought it was excellent...as usual the score was supplied by david wingo of ola podrida, & along with a feeble marching band version of "sledgehammer", the music added a somber touch to an already bleak film...recommended.

download: ola podrida - instead

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