June 13, 2008

come on friday

there's a great post over at gorilla vs. bear from the other day, in which a handful of indie rockers list off their favorite albums to already come out this year...unsurpisingly, the entries i liked most came from the folks who forgot to follow the rules; jarad van fleet of voxtrot named townes van zandt's 1969 classic our mother the mountain, while ratatat's evan mast listed phil cordell's early seventies project, springwater, & bodies of water's david metcalf mentioned j.j. cale's underrated 1979 release, 5...metcalf calls cale "laid back", which is putting it lightly, the dude practically invented the tulsa sound & when i saw him live a couple years ago i literally thought he was going to doze off on stage...anyway, i thought this track from the album was appropriate for today, & these other two are appropriate for any day...don't forget to check out that post, as well as the follow up where chris from gvb lists his own favorites.

download: j.j. cale - friday
download: j.j. cale - i'll make love to you anytime
download: j.j. cale - let's go to tahiti

unrelated: also worth checking out; aquarium drunkard's recent post on the nigeria 70 compilation & the first two entries of soul side's summer songs '08 series...good stuff.

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