June 28, 2007

bishop allen at the beat kitchen

candace & i saw bishop allen at the beat kitchen last night, & despite the sweat fest in the back room, & a set that seemed short at around 40 minutes, they were really good...it was the first show of a month long tour in support of their new allbum, the broken string, which comes out on 07/24 & appears to be a collection of reworked songs culled from last year's inspired monthly ep project...the teeth opened up, but we were eating fried potatoes & pesto crostini at the bar, so we missed them...bishop allen will be back in town with page france on 08/09 at subterranean.

downlaod: bishop allen - rain.mp3

related: chuck klosterman talks with andrew bujalski, whose film, mutual appreciation, stars bishop allen's justin rice.

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