July 27, 2007


eric clapton's crossroads guitar festival may not be the hippest thing happening tommorow, but for me, it's the most exciting...i realize that for most of these artists, things have slowed down a bit over the past 40 years, but come on; eric clapton, steve winwood, robbie robertson, buddy guy, b.b. king, hubert sumlin, willie nelson, johnny winter, jeff beck, john mclaughlin...on stage together...i'm really looking forward to tomorrow...sheryl crow! beer line.
download: eric clapton w/ carlos santana - eyesight to the blind/why does love got to be so sad? (providence, 06/25/75)



TJ said...

you better be ready to golf on sunday after the "beer line." have fun in bridgeport.

dg said...

i wish i could get away with overalls