August 8, 2007

there's no way out of here

david gilmour's 2006 concert at the royal albert hall, which featured appearances by david bowie, robert wyatt, david crosby & graham nash, will be released on a two disc dvd set sept. 18...the concert film will also be shown in select theatres worldwide on sept. 15...thought that was a good enough reason to post this great track off gilmour's 1978 self-titled solo album...unfortunately, it doesn't look like this one made the dvd.
related: an aquarium drunkard (who else?) recently posted the "echoes: part 1" clip from pink floyd's incredible 1972 film, live at pompeii...which biondi is probably watching right now.

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dg said...

that's funny you mention it - i just bought Live at Pompeii - on LASERDISC