August 29, 2007

golden boots

golden boots opened for magnolia electric co. at the empty bottle last friday & really caught my ear...they kind of remind me of a country flavored dr. dog...anyways, i grabbed this track from audiversity on monday & it's been in constant rotation all week...go there & read a pretty good write up of the group's new album, burning brain.

download: golden boots - cellophane

also: magnolia electric co. were phenomenal, it was really cool to hear the full band treatment on some of molina's solo stuff, like "shiloh temple bell" & it was the second or third time i heard him talk about ripping off link wray...but i guess everyone rips off link wray.

download: link wray - rumble (1958)
download: link wray - la de da (1971)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I agree. Golden Boots is a great band that sounds similar yet different from Dr. Dog. They are both really good!