September 17, 2007


"conquest" is probably one of my favorite tracks off the white stripes latest, icky thump, & the song's mariachi horns finally start to explain those three amigos outfits jack & meg are sporting on the album's cover...but until a recent spot for ebay clued me in, i had no idea "conquest" was a cover...written by corky robbins, it was originally recorded by none other than patti page for mercury records in 1952...anyways, the song kind of reminds me of the scene in the big lebowski when jackie treehorn is introduced; you know, there's that bonfire on the beach & that spanish looking dude has that crazy smile on his face as he & a group of guys fling that topless chick up in the air on a blanket & then it cuts to a wide shot of the beach & pans down as jackie walks up & says "hello dude, thanks for coming, i'm jackie treehorn", that's a great movie...anyways, good song.

download: the white stripes - conquest
download: patti page - conquest

related: pretty lame that the white stripes cancelled their entire tour because meg's stressed out...stereogum's got the link to new york magazine's reasons why.


matt said...

Lame? Apparently you've never suffered from anxiety. It can be quite debilitating. How about a little love for Meg, huh?

dc said...

it's lame that the tour was cancelled...yeah it sucks that meg's sick, but i don't think the fans would have rioted if there was someone else keeping the beat...what's patrick keeler doing?

some guy from new jersey said...

all people can talk about is Meg's rack. It's annoying.
Some are speculating overdose.
She is the cutest female in rock . Ever. Maybe Liz Phair is cuter. And Liz Phair looks more likely to blow you than Meg does. But Meg makes (or is part of) better music

Wiz said...

New Caa-ahh-on-quest EP on iTunes. Features acoustic mariachi version. Can not wait to hear it blearing at the Burrito House at 3 am.