September 15, 2007



Man I really love the new Jenny Lewi... opps, i mean Rilo Kiley album. Well it's a little love / hate but leans towards the flavor of love. It's strange, typically an album that i dig will mainly have all solid nuggets contained within and then just a couple throw-away, just ok, moderately listenable tracks. For some reason i truly hate two of the tracks on Under The Blacklight (2,3) if anyone is counting. Oh well, 9 out of 11 ain't bad.

Travel out of town this weekend resulted in the need to forfeit my tickets to the show tonight at the Riviera Theater but here's a track off of Blacklight and and older Jenny gem.

Download: Rilo Kiley - Breakin' Up
Download: Rilo Kiley - Portions of Foxes (KCRW Session)

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dc said...

you've never had the greatest initial judgement (as you even admitted in the midlake review)...i kind of like that the band is venturing out of their comfort zone with tracks like close call & moneymaker...glossy is good.