September 25, 2007

leaves in the river runs too low

i'm not sure why i had such high expectations for sea wolf's first full length lp, leaves in the river...maybe it was because i thought i really enjoyed the 5 track ep, get to the river before it runs too low, which he (alex church) released earlier this year, but actually, besides lead off track, "you're a wolf", which is one of the best songs of the year in my opinion, the ep hasn't really been tearing up my i guess i shouldn't have been too surprised when leaves in the river didn't quite meet those expectations...i was hoping for catchy hooks & memorable choruses, which were delivered on songs like "black dirt", but most of the album lulls, & is pretty depressing...i've heard comparisons made to the shins, & honestly i've never really listened to the shins, i mean i've heard a few of their songs, but they've never peaked my interest & at least sea wolf has done that, because the few bright spots on the album, like the aforementioned "you're a wolf", are very bright, even when the rest of the album is pretty dim...leaves in the river was released today.

download: sea wolf - you're a wolf
download: sea wolf - black dirt

new releases: also coming out today are two great albums from iron & wine & bettye lavette, as well as new ones from devendra banhart, stars, the cave singers & steve earle that are worth a listen...also worth noting is the long awaited second comedy album from steven wright, who's actually a pretty gifted singer/songwriter...& interestingly, joni mitchell is putting out her first album of original material in ten years on the same day herbie hancock is releasing a compilation of joni mitchell covers...let me know if either is any good...largehearted boy has more.

download: iron & wine - boy with a coin
download: devendra banhart - tonada yanomaminista
download: bettye lavette - before the money came
download: stars - the ghost of genova heights
download: the cave singers - seeds of night
download: steve earle - tennessee blues
download: steven wright - you are gone

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