October 3, 2007

malkmus madness

"The fourth solo album from the former three-term Stockton, CA city councilman could well be the crowning achievement of his political/musical life. But since I'm not about to start inventing song or album titles just to please you jackals, you're just gonna have to sit tight." -matador

looks like the new album from stephen malkmus & the jicks will be coming out in march...no title or tracklist, but the album was recorded this past spring at snowghost music studios in montana by t.j. doherty (who's worked with canary faves wilco & steely dan in the past)...pics from the session are currently up at the band's website...this is the kind of news that makes me think what radiohead just did was genius; here i am all excited for a new malkmus album & i have to wait five months...oh well, at least we've still got these unreleased live tracks that you ain't no picasso posted almost ten months ago.

download: stephen malkmus - real emotional trash (01/20/07)
download: stephen malkmus - we can't help it (01/20/07)
download: stephen malkmus - dragonfly pie (01/20/07)
download: stephen malkmus - merry go round (01/20/07)
download: stephen malkmus - baltimore again (01/20/07)
download: stephen malkmus - walk into a mirror (01/20/07)
download: stephen malkmus - pennywhistle thunder (01/20/07)
download: stephen malkmus - hopscotch willie (01/20/07)
download: stephen malkmus - wicked wanda (01/20/07)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks. Love Malkmus. Hope he continues to make music for many, many years to come.