October 9, 2007

friday night soundtrack

so, friday night lights second season premiered last week & it picked up pretty much where it left off as one of the best shows on television...but i still had a couple issues, most notably, the transition of lovable sidekick landry from geeky comic relief into a semi-serious cast member involved in an over the top movie-of-the-week subplot...what ever happened to his death metal band crucifictorious, i never thought the writers took that storyline far enough...at least buddy garrity's still around to make us laugh...also, how is it that tim riggins, a 17-year-old high school student, is able to stroll through town in the middle of the day with an open beer in one hand & the case in the other, shooting head nods at everyone he sees & then get in his truck & drive away without a single passerby seeming to care...luckily i can overlook a ridiculous scene like that because it was kind of funny...anyways, the music is still top notch; wilco's "muzzle of bees" was used to great effect both in the beginning & end of the episode, as was t.rex's immortal "bang a gong (get it on)" in the opening scene & the brian jonestown massacre's "evergreen" during the aforementioned subplot...can't wait to see what the rest of the season's got in store.
download: wilco - muzzle of bees
download: t. rex - bang a gong (get it on)
download: the brian jonestown massacre - evergreen

related: apparently, wilco is a pretty hot commodity in tv land right now, not only do they have those vw spots airing constantly, but they were also featured on bionic woman & how i met your mother last week.
related: more television news, austin city limits 33rd season started this past weekend with a performance from norah jones...here's the rest of this season's schedule:
10/13 - the decemberists/exposions in the sky
10/20 - femi kuti
10/27 - jimmy reed highway: jimmie vaughan & friends
11/03 - wilco
11/10 - arcade fire
11/17 - brad paisley/dierks bentley
12/15 - john mayer
12/22 - lucinda williams/old crow medicine show
12/29 - bloc party/ghostland observatory
01/05 - crowded house/grupo fantasma
01/12 - regina spektor /paolo nutini0
01/19 - roky erickson/kings of leon
01/26 - acl present: the hardly strictly bluegrass festival


sR said...

finally caught up with this on TIVO last night....

agree with the review...

How awful was the swed's band?

Good Stuff!

Anonymous said...

if you like BJM, you might like The Dilettantes. They were founded by BJM's tambourine player Joel Gion.