October 18, 2007


a little late with this, but saw that the first & second seasons of the wire are currently available on demand & no doubt 3 & 4 will be up soon...so if you're not up to date with what is unquestionably the single best show on television, i urge you to get on board before the fifth & final season starts in january...season one is only available until 10/29, but once you watch the first episode, you'll most likely move through the rest of them pretty quickly...the music on the wire is exceptional as well, although it's rarely used outside the narrative of the show, which is to say that each song emanates from a source within the scene (like from a car stereo)...the lone exception to this rule has been the season ending montages, which are absolutely fantastic...below are the songs that were used for each one.
download: jesse winchester - step by step (season 1)
download: steve earle - i feel alright (season 2)
download: solomon burke - fast train (season 3)
related: the latest issue of the new yorker has a 12 page story on the wire & it's creator, david simon...some of the highlights include details about the show's upcoming season, which focuses on the declining role of newspapers in our society, as well as simon's upcoming projects, including an iraq war miniseries & a show about misplaced new orleans musicians.
related: also, season four will be available on dvd 12/4.