November 6, 2007

(and the winner is) pt. 2

on the heels of dave's post about the limited edition jay-z blue magic pack, i thought i'd thow up the sample track used in "roc boys"'s called "make the road by walking" by menahan street band, a collaborative effort from members of the dap-kings, el michels affair & the budos band...excactly...also, in keeping with the american gangster theme, i'm posting a couple funky cuts from the film's score (by the bomb squad's hank shocklee), as well as the public enemy track that rolled with the film's closing credits...fantastic movie by the way; crazy story, good music, great performances & a ton of recognizable faces that made it even more interesting (i.e. common, rza, t.i., anthony hamilton, stringer bell, sol star, buffalo bill, tre styles, brand walsh, etc.)...definately worth your money.

download: menahan street band - make the road by walking

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dg said...

ole stringer bell put some weight on + why would they put RZA in a sleeveless tee - it bothered me that a WU tattoo was featured in a movie set to take place in the 70s