November 29, 2007

king khan &...

The King Khan & BBQ Show pairs two primitive rawk gurus who first played together in Montreal's Spaceshits in predictably rough-and-ready fashion. The duo's last for In The Red Records, 'What's For Dinner?', was an admirable slice of howling caveman stomp, but it's nothing compared to the band's legendary live show, which finds the two men smashing away at guitars, drums, and tambourines, and creating a racket big enough to put six-piece garage bands to shame. - a.v./chicago

these guys have been receiving a decent amount of exposure ever since the black lips named them as one of their favorite bands back in may, but to be honest i'm really digging the soulful full band treatment of king khan's other outfit the shrines a lot more than the "caveman stomp" that he & bbq are least from what i've heard...regardless, their live shows are supposed to be crazy & they're playing the note on saturday...hence the onion write up above.

download: king khan & the shrines - welfare bread
download: king khan & the shrines - no regrets

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