November 29, 2007

the leather canary xmas mix #1

i realize it's still november, but after seeing charlie brown's christmas special on tv the other night it's starting to feel like the holiday season has officially begun, so i thought i'd start sharing a few of the christmas mixes i've put together over the past couple years...i know there's a lot of similar music being posted on other blogs this time of year that's more hip & eclectic than most of these tunes, but i guess i'm just drawn to songs that have a little more familiar feel around the holidays...also, i thought i'd mention that this set is broken up by lines from the greatest christmas movie of all time, national lampoon's christmas vacation...i can't understand people who don't watch this two or three times a year, nothing else even comes close (but scrooged, a christmas story, home alone & die hard would probably round out my christmas movie top five)...anyways, if you don't want to download the whole thing, a few standout tracks include sam cooke's "christmas means love", the band's "christmas must be tonight" & ray charles' "that spirit of christmas", all of which close out the mix...hope you enjoy it.

download: the leather canary xmas mix

01. "last minute gift ideas"
02. mavis staples - christmas vacation
03. ron sexsmith - maybe this christmas
04. my morning jacket - xmas curtain
05. darlene love - christmas (baby please come home)
06. albert king - santa claus wants some lovin'
07. "where do you think you're going?"
08. tom petty - christmas all over again
09. shemekia copeland - stay a little longer santa
10. john lennon & yoko ono - happy xmas (war is over)
11. the flaming lips - a change at christmas
12. margie joseph - christmas gift
13. "tis the season to be merry"
14. otis redding - merry christmas, baby
15. ben folds - bizarre christmas incident
16. stevie wonder - what christmas means to me
17. low - just like christmas
18. the kinks - father christmas
19. the pretenders - 2000 miles
20. "it's not big, it's just full"
21. james brown - soulful christmas
22. alison krauss - only you can bring me cheer
23. the ebonys - christmas ain't christmas
24. the smashing pumpkins - christmastime
25. sam cooke - christmas means love
26. the band - christmas must be tonight
27. ray charles - that spirit of christmas
28. "happy hanukkah"
related: if you're looking for a way to help those in need this time of year, one way you can is by going to & testing your vocabulary...for each word you get right, 20 grains of rice will be donated to the united nations world food program.


mark said...

Hey, the Shemeka Copeland track skips! Kinda funny though. Wonder why it finally decided to cut off at 4:23, it could have gone forever. Other than that a nice mix!

dc said...

thanks for the heads up, mark...should be all good now.

marya said...

thanks! some of these are really great :)

Billy From Philly said...

Fuck Christmas Vacation... Die Hard is the greatest Christmas movie of all time.
I could shit out a better Christmas mix. Burn in hell.

Bret said...

Thanks! That is the crappiest mix tape I've ever heard. It made me long for the mix Carol Davidson made for me in high school. At least that one had "In Your Eyes" on it, and not the loads of dogshit this one did.

the tt$t said...

wow, some of these comments are really scathing...xmas is not supposed to be a time when u are mean to people who are giving you things.... anyway, do u guys have a myspace? i'd love for you to hear my indie band's xmas song... it's at and the song is about the loss of my father, and how that loss makes me feel during the's sad and pretty and i hope u guys like it!
happy holidays! ryan k, the tt$t.

Marty said...

Awesome mix. Lots of classics on there. The Sexsmith track is one of my favorites too, but of course, no one beats Darlene Love doing "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)."

gina said...

good music. hey can you fix the otis redding =D

dc said...

sorry gina, should work now.

chickie said...

thank you so much!!! We have been looking for Mavis Staples for YEARS.
You are the best!

¡Mateo es así! said...

Well I liked it. Thanks especially for The Band and Flaming Lips tracks.

Bedazzler said...

I know I should post a Thank You comment more often, but those jerks really made me want to let you know how much I appreciate this...and Mix #2. Keep up the great work and have a wonderful holiday!

Anonymous said...


Bret and Billy can just go play in the corner by themselves...nice Christmas spirit, you two!

Here we have someone who was good enough to take the time and share something with the rest of us out there, and you come along and dump all over him? C'mon... nobody forced you to take these songs, and they're listed on the page. It's not like it was a surprise what you were getting!

Don't like it? Give the man a hearty thank you for his efforts, delete the stuff from your hard drive and move on with your pathetic little lives...I mean, You've GOT to have better things to do than leave the kind of garbage you two did.

Meanwhile, let me add my thanks to the rest of the nice people here who responded to your kind offer. Good music here, for those of us who can appreciate more than two notes strung together!

Have a Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Classic mix, this will see me through untill the new year!

Anonymous said...

can someone re-post.

zip file won't show up