November 13, 2007


go check out best week ever's homage to leon black, who was without question the best thing about this past season of curb your enthusiasm (my regards to marty funkhauser)....sunday night's finale was great by the way, the final two minutes were quite possibly the funniest two minutes of television all year...anyways, here's a phenomenal track from another great leon...enjoy.

download: leon ware - why i came to california

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Peter said...

Man, thank you so much for this! I got this tune on 12", but i don't haven't found it as an mp3 before now, and I've been dying to spread it to all my friends, now I can! It's a FANTASTIC tune! :D Also, same feel, same theme: Yasuko Agawa - L.A. Night is also a incredible smooth jazz funky california tune. :)