November 15, 2007

runnin' down a dream

finally sat down & watched peter bogdanovich's documentary on tom petty & the heartbreakers the other night & thought it was engaging & very well made look into one of the most enduring bands of the past 30 years (check out greg kot's review)...the one thing that really bothered me though, was that through four hours of highly detailed recounts & observations on every single one of petty's albums from 1976 up until last year, the film completely ignored his 1996 soundtrack to she's the one...granted, it's not exactly a milestone in the man's career, but it's still a really good album, & the fact that it wasn't even mentioned when everything else was covered in such depth is kind of mind boggling...actually, one song from the album was featured, "angel dream (no. 4)", during a transition in the film, right before the rick rubin/wildflowers segment (wildflowers, by the way, came out two years before she's the one)...oh well, besides that the film was very interesting & very entertaining & for as long as it was, it never really dragged (alright, i was checking my watch near the end), after it was over, i reached right for my copy of hard promises...anyways, here are a couple tracks from the unmentioned soundtrack.

download: tom petty & the heartbreakers - grew up fast
download: tom petty & the heartbreakers - zero from outerspace
download: tom petty & the heartbreakers - angel dream (no. 4)

related: one of the best parts of the film was the abundance of old footage bogdanovich had to work particular segment that i really liked was an in studio take of the unreleased "keeping me alive", from the long after dark sessions...petty admits that fighting producer jimmy iovine for the addition of this track & a few other acoustic based songs would have made the album stronger, to which iovine replies "yeah, after the third album you should probably shoot your producer."...anyways, it's a great little song.

download: tom petty & the heartbreakers - keeping me alive

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