December 31, 2007

2007 | a new pair of shoes + the knots in the laces

I tried to resist a list but it kept calling me back. Not all of my selections were released in 2007 some I may have
just discovered this year. Call it lazy, call me slow but either way here is what i thought was hot this past year and was in heavy rotation.

Thanks to everyone who visited us - the Canary wishes you big 'tings in a 2008 Full of Sundays (thanks Captain's Crate).
: King Sporty - A year full of Sundays

ten tracks, two more + a film and a podcast

Dr. Dog
This was on dc's list too and it's no coincidence. It is impossible not to love this version of the Architecture in Helsinki track.
"and we're slow to acknowledge the knots in our laces".
Download: Dr. Dog - Heart it Races

The Game
From start to finish hard to beat. All of the proper components are here.
Download: The Game - Wouldn't Get Far

The Knife

It was so different I didn't like it at first, but eventually really came to dig this tune (after i realized it wasn't a Cyndi Lauper deep cut / re-edit). These Swedish siblings know how to do it - a simple, basic drumbeat and then some great wailing courtesy of Karin.
Download: The Knife - Heartbeats

Vampire Weekend

Expect a big 2008 for the Columbia University crew.

Download: Vampire Weekend - A-Punk


Who doesn't want to dance with their shirt off? "whoew...hah...whoew....hah.... Ice Cream. It's going to save the day. Again."
Download: Muscles - Ice Cream


This track is actually a bit more straight ahead as far as Aqueduct goes. And it's not off his latest release
(nice find dc), but it fit my criteria I outlined. Dive into his entire catalog and you'll discover some really great tunes. It's also worth noting that live 'duct is also a treat (If you buy him shots he'll do them from stage in between songs!). While checking out the Milwaukee show this year we decided he sounded a bit like Billy Joel on acid with a bit of 80s sitcom theme song-ness (specifically, "keep it together")
Download: Aqueduct - Hardcore Days + Softcore nights

ah more Swedes and 'ye sneak in. This kind of felt like a guilty pleasure, but a damn good one.
Download: kanye - young folks

Bishop Allen

I think we were all surprised it took Sony so long to license this one.
Download: Bishop Allen - Click Click Click Click

Matt + Kim
This Floss D mix of Matt and Kim probably takes the title for most spins this year. I found it difficult not playing it on a daily basis.
Download: Matt + Kim - Yea Yeah (floss d mix)

DJ Benzi
Anything he touches...ridiculous. Lil' Wayne None Higher? Clipse on "flashing lights" - done. Benzi always comes correct.
Download: Kanye + Clipse: Flashing lights (Benzi Re-Fix)

Menehan Street Band
Press play. Relax. Take deep breaths for exactly one minute. 14 seconds later? Whoa ! I have trouble not losing it and starting to dance like Tissues after the 01:14 mark.
Download: Menehan Street Band - Make The Road By Walking

Fujiya + Miyagi
Never underestimate the importance of new shoes. Typically i don't like hearing about friends having difficulty with car audio systems but I was happy when my friend Hawaii Steve said he blew out a speaker in his ride listening to this track.
Download: Fujiya + Miyagi - Collarbone

Killer of Sheep

Put it in your queue. an authentic time capsule of mid-seventies Watts. It honestly feels important that this was released, a
true testament to the impact of documenting a time and place on film.
Download: Earth, Wind & Fire - Reasons

KCRW + On The Beat
The industry and business behind the music we love is a confusing and rapidly changing landscape. KCRW's program "On The Beat" with Host Celia Hirschman always seems to nail things in her less than five minute features. Even if the business side does not interest you, her take on all things music is refreshing and available in an easy to swallow podcast caplet. Or...maybe i just like her smooth radio voice.

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