December 23, 2007

checking it twice

Ahh lists. They just don't stop. I'm not ready for a personal best of 2007 yet so here's a list of a few lists i enjoyed
in my travels.

KEXP - 13Greats
Aquarium Drunkyard - Year In Review
Ed from Grizzly Bear
KCRW - Garth Trinidad
Cocaine Blunts - Best Rap

Also - as you're out listing, be sure to stop here to see the nominees and cast your vote for the 2007 PLUG Awards.

Download: Presfuse 73 with MF Doom - Blacklist
Download: Outkast - Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik

1 comment:

Julio Enriquez said...

i am with you
i haven't been able to get around to my list for the last month...
and i don't see it happening in the near future..
maybe this next weekend...