December 26, 2007

Little Birdy

Deaner's tour diaries are always a tasty brown treat. His recent musings confirmed the brothers Ween true love for Chicago.
"I'd be lying if I told you that we don't favor one city over another, it's like, secretly every parent has that one child that they love a little more than the others. Chicago is that way for me."

I've always loved Deaner's tour observations over the years. Maybe someone with better google skills can uncover it, but i had a particular favorite from 2000 / 2001 where Deaner talked about numerous drinking games they performed in hotels on the road (golf courses in hotel rooms, softball-sized wet toilet paper balls hurled off balconies at garbage cans below, etc)

The latest issue of Magnet Magazine (Jim James cover issue) also had an entertaining Ween write up. In reference to the 1992 album Pure Guava the article states:

"Rumor has it Oliver Stone nearly drives Woody Harrelson insane by playing opener "Little Birdy" incessantly on the set of Natural Born Killers, and Bobcat Goldthwait reportedly blares the album on repeat loud enough to wake his entire neighborhood while in the midst of a domestic dispute."

Here's a studio track off La Cucharacha that went under my radar till they ripped it at the Aragon show.

Download: Ween - With My Own Bare Hands

2008 Ween tour dates.

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sexrat said...

Great song. Deaner's tour diary describes the Aragon catacombs/ hidden bars and it sounds ridiculously sweet. Maybe sweetly ridiculous.