December 10, 2007


i've listened to very little hip hop this year & i'm not sure's never really been my favorite genre as a whole, but i have managed to carve out some time for certain artists over the years...recently though, i feel like i've been sleeping on almost everything...maybe it's the pressure i'm feeling as a "blogger" to stay current with the indie arena, or maybe i just haven't been in the partner here's always been more up on the scene than me anyways...still, i thought i'd post this 50 cent/dap-kings remix i grabbed from soul sides over the weekend...never would have thought i'd be posting a 50 cent song here, but i'm really digging this.

download: 50 cent - i get money (i dap money remix)

previously: sharon jones & the dap-kings remixes

unrelated: just because, i'll echo everyone else's sentiments (long after the fact) that it's great to hear andre 3000 rapping again...especially over that willie hutch joint.

download: dj drama ft. outkast - the art of storrytellin pt. 4
download: ugk ft. outkast - international player's anthem
download: willie hutch - i choose you

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