December 17, 2007

my favorite albums of the year

dave alluded to "the insane amount of 'best of' lists floating around" in his last post, so i thought i'd take the opportunity to throw mine out there as well...if i took a little more time (i.e. wasn't so lazy), i'd probably write something about each of these (& try to make it sound as good as this), but as it is i'll just let the music speak for itself...these are my favorite releases from 2007.
01. wilco - sky blue sky
02. broken social scene presents kevin drew - spirit if...
download: safety bricks
download: bodhi sappy weekend
03. mavis staples - we'll never turn back
download: my own eyes
download: turn me around
04. magnolia electric co. - sojourner
download: in the human world
download: don't this look like the dark
05. okkervil river - the stage names
download: our life is not a movie or maybe
download: a girl in port
06. the besnard lakes - the besnard lakes are the dark horse
download: disaster
download: on bedford and grand
07. band of horses - cease to begin
download: no one's gonna love you
download: islands on the coast
08. the bees - octopus
download: love in the harbour
download: listening man
09. neil young - chrome dreams ii
download: no hidden path
download: the way
10. pseudosix - pseudosix
download: under the waves
download: a million shards

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