December 11, 2007

Rescuing you from television's deathlike grip

VBS. the shit is incredible. i know people get sick of hearing me hype it, but i can't help myself, i want my VBS. Vice crew has received a couple nice write-ups as of late via Wired and NY Times.

In terms of musica, enjoy the episode of Practice Space above with Canary favorites Diamond Nights. Some of my other Favorites on VBS include Moonshining with The Black Lips, the Syrup/DJ Screw special, and the Dire Straits influenced Chromeo video for "Bonafide Lovin". Get lost in the VBS. Be careful though, next thing you know you favorite band may be Cheeseburger

Related: Latest issue of VICE magazine had a cover wrap promoting the Dr. Dog We All Belong Members Only Jacket Giveaway. Win ONE of SIX hand-screened custom Dr. Dog throwback jackets. Enter before Dr. Dog fan Josh Radnor "wins".

1 comment:

dc said...

how much longer do we have to wait for diamond nights to finish up that album & hit the road?