December 4, 2007

Still back in the game

As dc referenced, the united Canary saw the tail end of a pretty impressive Peanut Butter Wolf set at Abbey Pub. Via Thunderhorse I've witnessed incredible feats of visual mash-up but Peanut Butter's manipulation of speed, sound and the actual music videos was impressive. In between music videos we were treated to vintage Jack LaLane clips which reminded me of a favorite Doom rhyme that references the godfather of fitness and Rod Lavers (perforated of course).

Download: mf doom - meat grinder
guilty simpson - make it fast

Hey bro, Day Glo,
set the bet, pay dough

Before the cheddar get away, you best to get Maaco

The worst haters God on perpetrated are favors
Demonstrated in the perforated Rod Lavers
In all quad flavors, large savers

Still back in the game like Jack Lalanne

think you know the name,
don't rack your brain

on a fast track to half insane

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