January 7, 2008

bodies of water

been spending some time trying to catch up on a couple bands i missed out on in 2007 & one that's peaked my interest is the choral-pop quartet, bodies of water, who've been drawing comparisons to arcade fire & the polyphonic spree & were also featured on more than a few "best of 2007" lists that i came upon...the comparisons are warranted, & my initial reaction was positive, but the real reason the band stood out to me is because of a post i saw on brooklyn vegan recently that transcribed an incredibly moronic statement made on the group's website in which one member bashed a number of established artists including wilco, elvis costello, the police & steely dan, saying "i can't understand why anyone likes these musical groups or singers"...normally, i'd just dismiss something like that & probably dismiss the person saying it, but maybe because the band was already on my radar, this asinine remark actually increased my curiosity...the statement has since been removed & disregarded as a drunken rant & although i probably tried subconsciously not to like these guys, they're pretty good...even if one of them is an idiot.

download: bodies of water - i guess we'll forget the sound, i guess, i guess
download: bodies of water - here comes my hand

related: speaking of bodies of water, there's a flood watch here in chicago through tomorrow morning...& it's currently 64 degrees outside...in january...what the hell is going on?

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