January 11, 2008

brighter than creation's dark

the new drive-by truckers album, brighter than creation's dark doesn't officially come out for another week or so, but it's been floating around the interweb (for shady folk like me to grab up) since before the new year...& i'm really digging it...at 19 tracks it may run a little long (a reoccurring theme for dbt records), & the shonna tucker tunes don't come close to making up for the absence of jason isbell, but most of the songs are killer, especially a few from mike cooley, & the album as a whole seems a lot more focused & heartfelt than a blessing and a curse...definitely pick it up on 01/22...in addition, patterson hood drafted up a song by song commentary on the official site if you want to check that out (he also posted a best of '07 list on his myspace page) & the band kicked off their 2008 tour last night in athens...& guess what, no chicago dates (milwaukee 02/28)...what the hell?

download: drive-by truckers - perfect timing
download: drive-by truckers - daddy needs a drink
download: drive-by truckers - a ghost to most

related: unlike his former bandmates, jason isbell will be coming through chicago this winter, playing the double door on 02/08.

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