January 30, 2008

good company

according to brah records, which is part of the secretly canadian/jagjaguwar camp, "the brooklyn-based band company evolved out of a miasma of folk, punk & psychedelic elements in 2001"...first of all, i have no idea what a miasma is...secondly, whatever elements they evolved from, to me, they pretty much sound like an alt-country band...a good one too...their music is familiar, but not tired, kind of reminiscent of those early-nineties jayhawks albums...the band's forthcoming record, old baby, arrives february 19th, but if you pre-order it, you'll get a link to download an entire other album of outtakes & demos...here's a preview of old baby & two more from 2005's parralell time.

download: company - the sad businessman
download: company - red army blues
download: company - in the jaws of the lion

unrelated: bad company...don't forsake me cause i love you.

download: bad company - silver, blue & gold

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