January 15, 2008


i'm a little late to the game with this one...prints' self-titled debut came out back in october & i've actually been digging the lead off track, "easy magic", since around that time, but for whatever reason i didn't get around to checking out the entire album until about a week ago...though i'm really glad i did...i guess you'd classify these guys as electronic pop, but the electronic elements are pretty subtle (except for the final song) & the duo seems to draw heavily from psychedlic & even progressive influences...individually, the songs are good, but within the context of the album they flow from one to the next effortlessly, providing an easy yet enjoyable listen that you'll want to repeat over & over again...i'm actually having a really hard time turning it off...the cover art's pretty cool, too.

download: prints - easy magic
download: prints - all we knead

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