January 2, 2008


happy new years all...spent the past week up to no good in nyc & still seem to be having trouble regaining full control of my faculties...see, i'm not even sure what that last sentence really means...anyways, wanted to send a quick congratulatory shout to my good friends christin & dylan, whose wedding was the main reason for our visit, & also say hey to all the (#20 ranked) flyer faithful who were in attendance...it was great seeing you guys...here's the song the bride & groom chose for their first dance, a spot on cover of a 1970 bread classic from my morning jacket's jim james, as well as the original version & a couple other bread tracks that seem to be helping me through (or perhaps dragging out) this incredibly long day...they're just so soft.

download: jim james - make it with you (11.26.05)
download: bread - make it with you
download: bread - it don't matter to me
download: bread - everything i own


Detective Grammars said...

"Anyways" is not a proper word. Use "anyway."

candace said...

i thought you made very good suggestions for the complimentary wedding CD for the guests...i especially like neil young's "harvest moon," and george harrison's "i live for you."

Anonymous said...

that is an amazing picture of a piece of toast... where ever did you find it ?

Sammy Smi said...

When was the last time you even watched a Dayton game.