January 14, 2008

We're All In The Same Gang

Another fine showing of The Wire last night. I would need to check with Dough for clarification but i believe one could only refer to Junebug as a "mark" while he was still alive, but i could be wrong.


(adj) Very pathetic, characteristic of a "mark", or one who is easily owned or taken down. The worst type of bitch, one who is a "mark", which means that he/she is a target that is very vulnerable to attack from others. Like a sitting duck. Calling someone this implies that you intendto murder them or do them harm in some way, or that you suspect someone else will, and that they deserve what's coming to them.

Per dc's request my Snoop + Chris greatest hits mix will follow in the coming weeks.
In the meantime, whether East Coast or West still gotta watch out for the ghetto bird. Er-ank...Er-rank.

Ice Cube - Ghetto Bird


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Did anyone else take note of the phrase, "Think on it" being used at least 3 times in the episode? Just curious b/c I've heard this in context used twice in my entire life!