February 1, 2008

the deep dark woods

i just came across these guys the other day (over at hear ya), but already the deep dark woods seem to have taken over my playlist...they play smooth country-rock rooted in traditional folk music that's somewhat reminiscent of the grateful dead or gram parsons...their second album, hang me, oh hang me was released through black hen music last year & while the band seems to be gathering a following up in canada, i imagine it'll only be a matter of time before more people in the states begin to take notice.

download: the deep dark woods - hang me, oh hang me
download: the deep dark woods - they won't last long

related: the album's title track is an old folk tune in the same vein as "been all around this world", a song the dead used to cover...here's the version from reckoning.

download: grateful dead - been all around this world
unrelated: speaking of covers, check out the great warren zevon post at berkely place.

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