February 6, 2008

dr. dog - passed away, vol. 1

Passed Away is a collection of songs, recorded at various times, in various place, by various members of Dr. Dog over the last 5 years or so. It's not an album and it's not presented in any particular order, it's just a handful of many recordings that Dr. Dog has made and wanted people to have a chance to hear. As with all early Dr Dog recordings, the 4 or 8 tracks were eventually mixed down to cassette tape where they lived, in some cases circulating on mix tapes and in others laying on the floor where they stayed until the being hoisted from their resting place and chosen for a spot on Passed Away. -park the van

the "handful of many recordings" will be available to own on 02.19...in the meantime, you can stream it here...catch dr. dog down at sxsw in march & in support of levon helm for the electric factory 40th anniversary show in philly on 02.15...finally something good happens in philadelphia.

download: dr. dog - a long time ago

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