February 27, 2008

The Stashes

The infamous SKee-E-O dropped some amazing Ween mixtapes a couple weeks back. Some of the B-sides and rarities were familiar but there were also quite a few new discoveries that were a pleasant brown surprise.

A sampling of some of the Canary favorites from Vol's 1 + 2 below.
Here's the full setlist. The sleeper for me is Transdermal. Never really latched onto the track all that much before, but something about this rehearsal version gets me...may be the guitar intro or the drum stick count off in the middle...crispy goodness.

Related: In case you missed it, Stereogum posted some nice Ween clips recently including the amazing performance of "Spirit of 76" on The Jane Pratt Show. Apparently I need to have my DVR search for Jane Pratt and catch re-runs on Lifetime ala Soul Train on WGN.

Enjoy the selections from The Stash. OO VA LA !!!

vol. 1
Download: Ween - Flutes of the Chi (demo)
Download: Ween - Kim Smoltz
Download: Ween - I'll Miss You
Download: Ween - Buckingham Green (story version)

vol. 2
Download: Ween - Cold Jam (mig, weiss, atkins)
Download: Ween - Mountains and Buffalo
Download: Ween - Transdermal Celebration (rehearsal)
Download: Ween - Oo Va La
Download: Ween - Motown


Anonymous said...

Fing Awesome. Thanks for sharing.

Champignons for my real friends... said...

I'm going to see Ween on Monday night. This'll be the second time in TEN YEARS. Man, they need to come down south more often. Thanks for the tracks.

- Ringo

Anonymous said...

anyway to get these w/o going through BOXNET?

My company blocks the site as being of "Malicious Content"---huge problem, as lots of bloggers use it thee days.

looks like terrific stuff in any case!


ruicarvalho said...

sou portugues e gosto do teu blog.porfavor visita o meu.

Chaffinch Jones said...

If you're a fan of ween you may also like The Abodes album 'Chicko Scene' - download it for free at http://getthelot.blogspot.com/search?q=chicko+scene

alphabot said...

these ween cuts are great. Any chance of more? Or links to the rest?