February 12, 2008


hard to believe, with over twenty some odd years in the game, that vagabonds is the first solo effort from gary louris...i guess spending time fronting the jayhawks & golden smog is a pretty fantastic diversion, but i'm digging this a lot more than anything those two groups have put out in probably the last ten years...its definately got that laid back, early seventies, california vibe that i only imagine producer chris robinson was begging for, & it works...louris is heading out on a short tour next month (no stop in chicago) & apparently gearing up for an album with former jayhawk mark olson in the near future...can't wait for that...in the meantime, vagabonds will be available next week...listen for jenny lewis, susanna hoffs, & robinson singing backup on the tracks below.

download: gary louris - she only calls me on sundays
download: gary louris - vagabonds

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