February 15, 2008

wilco pregame

so, wilco starts it's five show run at the riviera tonight...if you're not going to make it to the shows but still want to get your fix, here are a couple things to occupy your time over the weekend...first, listen to tweedy's visit with jon langford on wxrt's eclectic company, from this past tuesday (the hold steady join sally timms next week)...then go over to the owl & the bear & download some of the many flac files they've made available, including a two disc covers compilation which features the tom petty track below, as well as a couple son volt goofs (really)...& if you're still bored, check out this pre-uncle tupelo footage featuring tweedy playing bass in a dress (via an aquarium drunkard)...also, tune into wxrt on tuesday, as they'll be broadcasting that night's show...& if you care at all about the setlists, i'll probably be posting those over the next few days, so stay tuned.

download: wilco - listen to her heart (09/10/95)
download: wilco - drown (05/23/97)
download: wilco - tear stained eye (11/07/97)

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