February 19, 2008

winter residency (night 3)

wow...another fantastic night...the band dug deeper into their catalog & the old stuff especially sounded great, like they've been playing it every night for the past five years...thought the way things unfolded last night was brilliant as well, the crowd was pretty subdued & the intensity slowly increased as the show went on...highlights; "blue eyed soul" opener, nels completely losing his shit during "a shot in the arm", the "should've been in love"-"pick up the change" combo, especially after the stage banter before "jesus etc." (tweedy: "we're going to play a couple from our first album", looks around at band, "right?", nels: "no", tweedy: "oh, well, the first album most of you bought", crowd: "boo", tweedy: "why am i always shitting in the punch bowl?", after "jesus, etc.", tweedy: "you guys better sing every word"), also the entire second set was completely remarkable, again...they leave you thinking it can't get any better & then they come back & tear the roof off...so many great songs last night...here's the setlist.

blue eyed soul
remember the mountain bed (w/ andrew bird)
bob dylan's 49th beard (w/ andrew bird)
hesitating beauty (w/ andrew bird)
that's not the issue (w/ andrew bird)
wishful thinking
you are my face
side with the seeds
a shot in the arm
we're just friends
handshake drugs
how to fight loneliness (w/ andrew bird)
jesus, etc. (w/ andrew bird)
should've been in love
pick up the change (w/ andrew bird)
walken (w/ horns)
i'm the man who loves you (w/ horns)
via chicago
impossible germany
she's a jar (w/ andrew bird) (download)
say you miss me
box full of letters
i'm always in love
hate it here (w/ andrew bird & horns)
the late greats (w/ andrew bird & horns)
red-eyed blue (w/ andrew bird) >
i got you (at the end of the century) (w/ andrew bird)
monday (w/ horns)
my darling
can't stand it (w/ horns)


Sachin said...

3 straight nights of heavy sky blue sky...I'm at a loss as to what I should expect tomorrow...

dc said...

i don't think it's been heavy sky blue sky...they seem to be spreading things out pretty evenly...still the repeats have been consistent.

dg said...

if tweedy is talking between songs as much as it sounds like he has been i'm glad i haven't attended these

Sachin said...

Can you please send out a list of songs they haven't played yet? That shouldn't be too hard for you, since you've been to all 4 shows thus far!