February 5, 2008

yes we can

happy super fat tuesday, yall...thought i'd try to combine the themes of the day with a couple inspirational tunes from allen toussaint...toussaint's not just one of the most important figures in new orleans r&b, but in my opinion, one of the most influential songwriters/producers of our time...if it was funky & coming out of the crescent city in the 60s & 70s, chances are toussaint had a hand in it (incidently, the first track below wasn't recorded by toussaint until 2005 for the our new orleans compilation, 35 years after he originally wrote it for lee dorsey)...anyway, if your state's holding it's primary today, make sure you get out & cast your vote before going out & getting down...& don't forget to stop by home of the groove to gear up for the festivities...allen toussaint plays the old town school of folk this friday.

download: allen toussaint - yes we can can
download: allen toussaint - we the people
download: allen toussaint - worldwide
download: allen toussaint - everything i do gonna be funky

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