March 25, 2008

alright alright alright

the jicks encored with this 1973 mungo jerry tune friday night at the didn't really fit in with all the extended heavy jams that preceded it, but bassist joanna bolme called it their "springtime song" & it definitely lightened the mood up a bit before the band closed things down with pig lib opener, "water and a seat"...the show was great by the way, everyone was on top of their game, especially newest member janet weiss, who's drumming was so impressive i had trouble keeping my eyes off her most of the night...anyway, you can grab a little behind the scenes taste on the making of real emotional trash over at youtube...malkmus is probably on there right now looking at videos of guitar pedals (a hobby he told the crowd about on friday)...also, the songlist for a forthcoming "cold son" ep is up on matablog.

download: mungo jerry - alright alright alright

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Anonymous said...

what's up? it's brode, was reading your blog at work. went to schumbas a few weeks ago, saw liam finn....he was pretty good and he was playing at Sxsw...curious if you heard of him...also saw pela at schubas, they were pretty good too....hope all is well....