March 28, 2008

plants and animals

dg introduced me to these guys on monday & i haven't been able to stop listening to them since...after waiting all week for a post on their full length debut, parc avenue, i've decided dave is probably a little too busy, so i guess i'll just do it for him...their style & sound is sort of similar to what a lot of the new bands i've recently been turned on to got going on; different elements of the best music from the past, be it folk, jazz, prog, jam rock or even afro pop, thrown together in loose fluid arrangements to create an easy & accessible album...this stuff is laid back & upbeat at the same time & the fact that it's coming from only three dudes from montreal (what are they putting in the water up there?) sort of mystifies me...definitely worth checking out...plants and animals will be playing schubas next thursday.

download: plants and animals - feedback in the field
download: plants and animals - new kind of love
download: plants and animals - mercy

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