March 5, 2008

a second chance

i kind of dismissed liam finn earlier this year as a softy singer-songwriter without ever listening to him (i'm pretty sure i had him confused with fionn regan, who i've never really listened to either)...but my preconceived notions changed a bit when i saw him absolutely kill it on letterman last week, playing "second chance" with limited accompaniment from a female singing partner, while looping his guitar changes & eventually moving to a drum kit towards the end of the song...check out the video over at goldenfiddle...anyway, after the performance, i sought out his debut album, i'll be lightning, & while it's a relatively enjoyable listen, my new expectations were a little for a couple upbeat numbers, the album is considerably lighter than i led myself to believe, which is ironically pretty much how i felt when i was first introduced to his father's music (liam's old man is neil finn of split enz/crowded house fame)...regardless, his album is still worth checking out & if they're anything like the letterman gig, so are his live shows.

download: liam finn - better to be
download: liam finn - second chance

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