March 2, 2008

the theory of harmolodics

Basically, if you take a two- or five-year-old, or a 30-year-old, and they play an idea, anyone can challenge that idea if they hear something different. You can't say, "Well, don't do it." That is what is so immortal about being human. The only reason human beings exist is to glorify the eternity of their being. Who is against that? God doesn't have anything against it. People don't. Sometimes human beings talk like they've been in heaven. I don't know if heaven is a place that you can live before you die, but maybe it is. If it is, that ain't bad. Maybe. But imagine if you didn't have to die to go to heaven. That would be even better. -ornette coleman, in the latest issue of stop smiling.

download: ornette coleman - ramblin'

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