April 17, 2008

bill withers - live at carnegie hall

apparently, bill withers was all set to perform earlier this week, for the first time in twenty years, at a benefit for stuttering in l.a., but he backed out at the last minute due to neck spasms...he still spoke at the benefit & daryl hall showed up for a take on "lean on me", but it's a shame that what could have been a first step back into the performing arena didn't even get off the ground...especially because bill withers is such a loose & engaging entertainer...his 1972 album, live at carnegie hall, is one of my all time favorite live releases & if you've never heard it, do yourself a favor & pick it up, because it doesn't look like the man will be coming around anytime soon.

download: bill withers - use me (live)
download: bill withers - harlem/cold baloney (live)

related: most of bill wither's backing band on this album were formerly of the watts 103rd street rhythm band, who actually have a never before heard 1968 live album coming out...o. dub (who also wrote the liner notes) has the details.

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bopst said...

I second that emotion...Bill Withers is one of the all time greats and this stellar release proves it....I too wish he would grace us with some live shows again...that would be something truly special...thanks for the post...