April 18, 2008

Celebrate National Record Store Day

Please make sure you all get out dere and buy some music this Saturday at your favorite local independent retailer in support of National Record Store Day. Lots of great deals and exclusives available nationwide.

Milwaukee cats can enjoy a full line-up of great local acts at Atomic Records, CHI city folks can head to Reckless to shop along side a Rogue Wave acoustic in-store, and West Coasters should always be proud of the holy grail that is Amoeba.

And a special shout to The Notorious WIZ on this special holiday - maybe this is a good chance to come correct for all the damage you have done at Best Buy over the years at stop by Newbury comics while you're in Beantown. Scoop something from indie retail and check out Mates of State while you do !

Download: Ghostface - Celebrate

1 comment:

MikeWiz said...

My 1st Canary Shout out...I am now tougher than leather