April 14, 2008

in her own time

i finally saw margot at the wedding a couple weeks ago, & i still can't figure out if i enjoyed it or not...you know, most of the characters in noah baumbach's films are abrasive & unlikable, but at least they're funny, nicole kidman was just ruthless in this one & it was kind of uncomfortable to watch...still, i thought it was very well made & superbly written, with some fantastic performances, particularly from jack black who was absolutely hilarious...it's not kicking and screaming or anything, but i'd still say it's worth checking out...anyway, i'm only bringing the movie up because it featured "something on your mind", the lead off track to karen dalton's wonderful 1971 album, in my own time, over the closing credits & i thought it would be a good reason to post a few of her songs...known as the folk singer's answer to billie holiday (& also as one of bob dylan's favorite singers), dalton, who died homeless in the streets of new york in 1993, had a resurgence of sorts early last year when her only two albums were re-released...there's no denying how uniquely beautiful her voice was, just listen to what she did with richard manuel's classic "in a station" (i mean, it's gotta be pretty damn hard to cover richard manuel, right), but her guitar playing & song selection were also pretty impressive...anyway, it's a shame more people aren't aware of her.

download: karen dalton - something on your mind
download: karen dalton - in a station
download: karen dalton - one night of love

related: the rest of the margot at the wedding soundtrack ain't that bad either, featuring songs from blondie, the db's, & stephen bishop, plus this lovely number from jefferson airplane's jorma kaukonen...dean wareham & britta phillips served as music consultants & also contributed a track, but judging from noah baumbach's tastes, i'd say it was a mostly collaborative effort.

download: jorma kaukonen - genesis

unrelated: if you were at all amused by billy baldwin's "billy baldwin" impression in the squid and the whale, make sure you check out crime scene: scene of the crime on nbc.com...if forgetting sarah marshall is half as funny as this viral marketing campaign, it'll be pretty fucking funny.

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Anonymous said...

the alternate version of "Somethings on your Mind" is uncharacteristically upbeat for her and actually really good. it's only on the cd version of the album.