May 29, 2008

3 days of the condor

i was pretty shocked by the death of sydney pollack earlier this week...he always seemed to be a very accomplished, yet under appreciated director, but after looking over his imdb profile, it appears he was almost the opposite...he directed only about 15 films in the past 40 years, & i'd say about half of them are pretty forgettable...david edelstein even wrote an essay on pollack that almost completely disregards his time behind the camera, & instead focuses on his career as a character actor....still, maybe i chose to remember him as a great director because the few great films he did make, like jeremiah johnson, tootsie, & even the electric horseman, are incredibly memorable, & one in particular, 3 days of the condor, is an absolute classic...that movie is just so damn cool, i totally wanted to be robert redford when i first saw, the soundtrack is killer...smooth, funky beats from dave grusin that ooze seventies nostalgia...listen to these & if you haven't seen the movie, que it up.

download: dave grusin - condor!
download: dave grusin - flight of the condor
download: dave grusin - sing along with the c.i.a.

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