May 22, 2008

bodies of water - under the pines

it took me a little while to warm up to bodies of water, but after seeing them put on a great show down at sxsw this year & then revisiting their grandiose 2007 debut, ears will pop & eyes will blink, i really can't wait for the follow up, a certain feeling, to arrive in's the first glimpse we get from it, a boundary pushing jam that's as haunting as it is relentless...really good stuff.

download: bodies of water - under the pines

related: the abba inspired & bodies of water affiliated, music go music, has been making the rounds recently, get a taste from their first 12" over at stereogum.

unrelated: speaking of abba, & stereogum, check out the video of zooey deschanel & lavender diamond doing "chiquitita", all the way at the bottom of this post...just adorable.

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