May 29, 2008


This entry is nothing more than an excuse to post about Dr. Dog. But what a great excuse they are. The new album is entitled Fate and will be available July 22nd with pre-order starting June 24th.

Summer Tour dates and new album track listing here. It must be fate that they are playing Williamsburg the same weekend as Ween (perfect). Check this great live video of The Dog performing "California" while walking.

Download: Dr. Dog - California


TacoSlinger said...

Just saw the good Dr. last night in Philly. One word describes their performacne: Phenomenal. it's pretty rare you find a band nowadays that brings so much energy and harmony to the stage.

Can't wait for Fate.

bdon said...

Not a bad tune but I'm sick of people singing about California. It's been done to death--time to think of some different places.